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If you want a review of fractions(add, subtract, multiply and divide), decimals(add, subtract, multiply and divide), squares, square roots and times tables, then the Math Review is for you. Each question has a customized, detailed, step by step explanation of how to solve it. This is perfect for students of all ages.
The Math Review books were inspired by FunEducation, a San Diego company.

Please note that Adobe Acrobat is required to view Samples of each volume. Acrobat is available for free by clicking here.

Volume 2 contains 400 questions:
  • Add Decimals (100 practice questions)
  • Subtract Decimals (100 practice questions)
  • Multiply Decimals (100 practice questions)
  • Divide Decimals (100 practice questions)
Sample Volume 2

You can purchase Volume 2 at the following online store: eStore

Volume 3 contains 500 questions:
  • Squares (50 practice questions)
  • Square Roots (50 practice questions)
  • Times Tables (400 practice questions)
Sample Volume 3

You can purchase Volume 3 at the following online store:
KeyBookshop eStore

Volume 1 contains 600 questions:
  • Add Fractions (150 practice questions)
  • Subtract Fractions (150 practice questions)
  • Multiply Fractions (150 practice questions)
  • Divide Fractions (150 practice questions)
Sample Volume 1

You can purchase Volume 1 at the following online store: eStore

Home Examples - Fractions & Decimals Patterns Real Life Uses&nbsp Algebra Sponsors Affiliates

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